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Ep. 8: Future of Food Policy: Businesses Must Adapt

The world faces profound problems in supplying nutritious food to its growing population. 900 million people are undernourished. At the same time, 3 billion people will be moving into the middle class by 2030. Access to water is expected to be of concern. And currently a huge percentage of global food is wasted.

Savvy business leaders are already trying to adapt to the changes they know are coming.

“I think we all are excited by, but also daunted by the resource scarcity challenges coming forward,” says Betsy Holden. Betsy is former co-CEO of Kraft Foods and CEO of Kraft Foods North America. Now she’s a consultant for McKinsey & Company. She thinks part of the answer is in strategic partnerships.

“Too many people are working on pieces of the puzzle, and not enough people are working across and really integrating and convening so that we’re getting to more end-to-end solutions.”

This conversation is part of a series called The Future of Food Policy. The conversations were conducted at Duke University as a part of the development of a new initiative, the World Food Policy Center.

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