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Man smiling
Frank Bruni discusses themes from his new book The Age of Grievance. Listen to the podcast
Maria Ressa smiling at Duke Sanford dean Judith Kelley
Maria Ressa is a groundbreaking international journalist. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021 for her efforts to address Listen to the podcast
Capitol building, half shaded red, half shaded blue
Today's guests argue that the January 6th storming of the Capitol in the United States is a stark example of Listen to the podcast
woman standing at podium smiling
Isabel Wilkerson in conversation about the history and consequences of our country's centuries-old hierarchies. Listen to the podcast
Man gestures
"In 2018, Gallup recorded that some 74% of Americans said they had -a great deal' or “quite a lot” of confidence Listen to the podcast
Outside, man and woman walking, woman pointing
Jasmine Crowe-Houston is a social entrepreneur and founder of Jasmine started her journey cooking soul food for hungry unhoused Listen to the podcast
Man speaking to students
Living well and working deeply in our high-tech world. Listen to the podcast
Two women,smiling
When we think about how to help student outcomes, normally we think about how to improve what happens in the Listen to the podcast
Two men, both in blue jackets, smiling
Former Senator Richard Burr on bipartisanship, political polarization, and the importance of passing down to children a tradition of service. Listen to the podcast
Stephen J. Hadley served as deputy national security advisor, and then national security advisor to President George W. Bush. He Listen to the podcast
Illustration of man and woman as superheroes
The Marvel Cinematic ​Universe (MCU) features compelling characters and intertwined storylines. Think Captain America, Iron Man, X-Men, Thor, the Hulk, Listen to the podcast
The cover of Phil Cook's book, Policing Gun Violence. It has bullet holes in it.
It's no secret that the United States has major issues with gun violence and police brutality, but with a growing Listen to the podcast
Multicolored plastic topis
Plastics are a huge part of our everyday life, and most people know that plastics contribute to litter, but did Listen to the podcast
Industrial skyline with smokestack
CO2 emissions play a major role in climate change. Guest host and J.D./UPEP doctoral candidate Gabriela Nagle Alverio speaks with Listen to the podcast
Blue sky with fence
Climate change is forcing many people to move due to environmental stressors like heat, hurricane, and drought. Duke Sanford School Listen to the podcast
four vertical bands featuring from left to right a portion of Africa on the globe, a bissected tree design that withers on the left and grows on the right, glowing green energy radiances emanating from the ground to the sky, and an information network visualization
When it comes to climate change, it’s important for all of us to think in new ways. For example, can Listen to the podcast
Child in hat, on bus, looking at camera with big smile
A bipartisan report  on the challenges and opportunities facing children in America stresses the need to rebalance national investments toward Listen to the podcast
Two men, map of North Carolina, NC flag
Ray Starling grew up on a hog and tobacco farm in rural North Carolina. He recalls working on the property Listen to the podcast
Globe with Ukraine in foreground
For months, Russia has been building a huge military force near the Ukranian border -- close to 200,000 troops. Now,  Listen to the podcast
child with drawing of a grumpy-looking covid-19. Parent nearby
COVID-19 has upended lives around the world. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you live, all of our Listen to the podcast
capitol building, flag waving, smoke in foreground
Was January 6, 2020 the start of a slow-moving coup attempt in the US? In a new article in The Atlantic, Listen to the podcast
Dictionary definition: pathological liar
Stephen Glass's story is legendary in certain circles -  he is one of the most famous liars in journalism. In Listen to the podcast
Woman standing in front of a glob and huge sign that says "UN Climate Change conference UK 2021"
Twelve Duke students had an exciting opportunity recently – they attended the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Listen to the podcast
Paul Kim standing in front of the Sanford School
  Dr. Jim Young Kim is a physician and anthropologist who previously served as the President of the World Bank. Listen to the podcast
NC road map with the city of Charlotte highlighted. foreground is a map of NC with congressional boundaries color coded.
Scholars, practitioners, advocates and students gathered recently at Duke University to examine the topic of redistricting. (That’s the process of Listen to the podcast
Woman, hands on hips, smiling
There’s been tremendous political wrangling in the US recently about raising the debt ceiling (how much money we allow ourselves Listen to the podcast
man looking meaningfully into the camera
If you’ve ever opened the New York Times, it’s likely that you’ve read something by Frank Bruni. He worked at Listen to the podcast
hands in keyboard, illustration of a lock and key overlayed
Duke University’s Cyber Policy program has a new report that shows data brokers are openly and explicitly advertising sensitive information Listen to the podcast
Desert - small village inn distance
Most Americans have no idea that there are elaborate pretend Iraqi and Afghan villages scattered around the United States – Listen to the podcast
woman with hands crossed in her lap. Hands are wrinkled.
COVID-19 has ripped through nursing homes and long-term care facilities in the US. At its height, in North Carolina alone, Listen to the podcast