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Do children from low-income background benefit from living in economically mixed communities? Professor Candice Odgers says that growing up in Listen to the podcast
jay pearson
Can it be physically damaging to be African American? Assistant Professor Jay Pearson says there's chromosomal evidence that our bodies Listen to the podcast
healthcare in rural india
What happens when there are very high hopes for a particular policy idea, and then researchers conclude the results are Listen to the podcast
Is the United States a country in inevitable decline, or are we a country in renewal? Should our foreign policy Listen to the podcast
Graffiti of a woman in a bottle
Susan Coppedge is the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Her office estimates there are 21 million Listen to the podcast
New Orleans skyline
In the second of a two-part conversation with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu, we explore the innovative ways he is Listen to the podcast
Mitch Landrieu with Kelly Brownell
New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu speaks about his role in reinvigorating the Louisiana port city. Landrieu was voted "America's top Listen to the podcast
people in grocery store
While Emily Oster was pregnant, she evaluated data behind many of the accepted rules of pregnancy. (Should you drink caffeine? Listen to the podcast
Tyrone Hayes is known for his research findings regarding the effects of the herbicide atrazine on frogs. Atrazine is often Listen to the podcast
Ep. 25: What Does Scaling A Program Really Mean?
When she was in her 20s, Maya Ajmera founded The Global Fund for Children. The nonprofit invests in innovative organizations Listen to the podcast
Ep. 24: It's Time To Reassess U.S. Grand Strategy
As we edge ever closer to election day in the U.S., Sanford professor Peter Feaver argues it’s time to critically Listen to the podcast
Ep. 23: Applying Behavioral Economics to Local Government Innovation
Guest host Ryan Smith, Senior Director of Innovation at the Sanford School, discusses local government innovation with Mariel Beasley of Listen to the podcast
Ep. 22: Producing "The Choice" - Frontline's Documentary on the 2016 Presidential Candidates
With the bitterly contested election ramping up until November, voters find themselves faced with a decision between two of the Listen to the podcast
Ep. 21: Most Young People Won't Consider Running For Office
A 2012 study found that 89% of high school and college students had already decided unequivocally that they would never Listen to the podcast
Ep. 20: General Martin Dempsey: Make It Matter
General Martin Dempsey is former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and as such he was the nation’s highest-ranking Listen to the podcast
Ep. 19: Kids and Technology—What Should Parents Be Concerned About?
Parents have all sorts of concerns about their children when it comes to technology. Duke Professor Candice Odgers tells us Listen to the podcast
Ep. 18: Education: Lessons from London
Since the late 1990s, the academic performance of many students in London has risen dramatically – so much so, it Listen to the podcast
Ep. 17: Exploring Alternatives to Mandated Testing
There’s a lot of talk in the U.S. about how to best determine whether or not children are actually learning Listen to the podcast
Ep. 16: The Politics of Climate Change
Kelly Brownell and Billy Pizer discuss the pros and cons of different policy approaches to climate change, from carbon taxes Listen to the podcast
Ep. 15: New Effort To Find Political Common Ground in N.C.
North Carolina’s contentious political climate is making national headlines. But there's a new effort to get people with differing political Listen to the podcast
Ep. 14: Future of Food Policy: Chile Models Ways to End Obesity
Barry Popkin is one of the world's leading thinkers when it comes to human relationship to food. He runs the Listen to the podcast
Ep. 13: Future of Food Policy: Taxing Soda Works
Mexico experimented recently with a 10% tax on sugary beverages. And it worked. A year after the tax was implemented Listen to the podcast
Ep. 12: Future of Food Policy: Hello, Finland
Are there places in the world where changes in policy have resulted in healthier people? Policymakers should look to Finland. Listen to the podcast
Ep. 11: Future of Food Policy: Global Change Possible
16 million children in the world have severe malnutrition, and many more have moderate malnutrition. This can cause many issues Listen to the podcast
Ep. 10: Future of Food Policy: Revise Doctor Training
The U.S. has a huge problem with obesity, yet only one in eight visits with a doctor involves healthy diet Listen to the podcast
Ep. 9: Future of Food Policy: Take Back the Land
52% of the cropland in the U.S. is used to grow just two crops: soy and corn. Less than 2% Listen to the podcast
Ep. 8: Future of Food Policy: Businesses Must Adapt
The world faces profound problems in supplying nutritious food to its growing population. 900 million people are undernourished. At the Listen to the podcast
Ep. 7: A Look at Race and How We Age
Are U.S. black women aging faster deep in their cells due to stress? Does the amount of money we make, Listen to the podcast
Ep. 6: Digitizing Politics: Meet a Social Media Innovator for the White House and State Department
Remember when the online talk show "Between Two Ferns" scored a visit to the White House? Host Zach Galifianakis chatted Listen to the podcast
Ep. 5: Cyber Threats, Water: Cause for Concern To Nation's Top Fiscal Watchdog
Gene Dodaro leads the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Part of his job is to provide policymakers with foresight about emerging Listen to the podcast